Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Listed below are key terminologies used in this document:

Club: A group of decks owned by a single account.

Coach: A type of support card that offers buffs to the game.

Combining: The action of combining cards to create cards of greater value. Combining burns all cards used in the Combine – other than the main card.

Competition: A series of matches with a common leaderboard.

Cosmetics (NFTs): Visual graphic NFTs that affect the vanity side of the card but do not affect gameplay.

Equipment/Gear (NFTs): A passive skill type in a piece of equipment.

Goalkeeper: A goalkeeper is a special player-type card that can only be placed in the goal position. Each team must have one goalkeeper.

Guild: A group of players that play together against other guilds.

League: A type of competition with multiple matches between 20 teams.

Match: Match is a series of Turns of a soccer game leading to a final win/lose/tie condition.

Pitch: The pitch is the soccer field. It has standard positions in the 7 x 5 grid with two extra specialist positions for the goalkeepers. In Genesis League Goals, the pitch is comparable to a “battlefield” in an RPG trading card game. It has sections in which players fight to press toward each other’s goal and try to score.

Player (NFTs): Player is a single card in the game, depicting a real MLSPA player.

Positions: Positions are slots on the field where players are positioned on the pitch. One position can hold one player from each team. Positions affect game modifiers depending on the expertise of players positioned on them.

Skills (NFTs): These are passive and active modifier cards that affect gameplay.

Slots: Component locations on player cards that can accept new skills.

Stats (non-NFT): Passive hard and soft attributes that serve as roll modifiers. Attack, defense, and special are hard stats but change with player level (equal boosts per level). Stamina, morale, and health are soft stats that dynamically go up and down over time.

Team: A group of cards prepared for playing the game. The starting 7 players that will be played in a Match. This also includes substitutes and a coach card.

Turn: A turn is a single hand dealt during a match where a player selects an action, modifiers are applied, and the results are computed to determine the outcome.

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