Upgrading Player Cards

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.
Player cards can be upgraded in different ways. Player "Proof of Play" – determined by the user's engagement in the game over time – drives the rewards that govern the card upgrade path.
The upgrade path ensures exponential variety and the power to create unique cards that enhance their value in the marketplace. The key to the system is retention.
Retention will equal the opportunity to increase card value through the rewards offered. New cards will almost always come in at a lower value than cards that users have upgraded.

Upgrade dimensions:

Upgradeability comes in 3 dimensions:
  • Leveling: Players gain XP by playing with a card, this ensures a “proof of play“ or time component adding the value. Players can also put a card in training (stake it) to gain XP.
  • Combining: Users can combine cards to gain “stars”; stars unlock new buff slots users can equip with passive and active skills and equipment.
  • Badges: Badges are prestige marks that unlock bonuses to abilities or stats. Players will earn badges with extremely hard achievements within the game.


Player cards gain XP when a user plays the card in a match. Users can also put a card in training (stake it) to gain XP.
  • Leveling player cards adds bonuses to hard stats per level, increasing the recuperation rate for the soft stats.
  • All new cards start on level 0.
  • Every experience level requires progressively more XP.
  • Cards collect XP by playing matches.


Combining cards advances the card's Star Level leading to the unlocking of new buff slots.
  • Combining cards increases the star level of the main card.
  • Each card can have a row of up to 10 stars.
  • The act of combining will burn one of the cards used in the combination process.
  • Combining also unlocks higher max XP levels.


Players that achieve hard and rare achievements can earn a badge that gives a permanent bonus to one of their card stats. Badges serve as a medium compulsion loop that can start rewarding players earlier than leveling XP can do.
Certain achievements, such as hat tricks, penalty saves, and more than ten goals a season, are difficult to achieve, and player cards can earn badges to reward the achievement.
  • Cards can start earning badges at level 1.
  • These badges give extra bonuses to attributes on the card.
  • Badges can also be reserved for titles they achieve (e.g. league winner, cup winner, and so on) with permanent soft stat buffs.