Coach Card

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Coach cards are strategy-based cards that will give a benefit to teams, such as attacking, defending, or possessing the ball. Player's have the ability to line their players up in various formations (formation will not be available at game launch). As a Coach card is leveled up, it will unlock new types of formations and play styles that are tailored toward different play styles.

Coach Card Attributes

The coach cards will have the following attributes:

  • Experience Level:

    • As coaches level up through experience it will provide the team with different buffs.

    • Just like player cards, a coach's experience level will be capped by their star level.

Formations (future feature 2024)

Coaches come with a set of different formations that determine the bonus for the players' starting positions at match time.

  • Coaches come with an initial number of basic formations.

  • Leveling the coach card unlocks new formations.

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