Game Overview

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Genesis League Goals is a game built around one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer. Players will be able to create teams with their favorite MLSPA players in the form of NFTs, manage soccer teams and compete against the competition. With MLSPA, we aim to cater to the hundreds of millions of soccer fans worldwide with a fun and quick game.

Genesis League Goals will be a rapid tactics turn-based game where players make decisions each round on how to advance the ball, defend their side of the pitch, or try and score on the opposing team. Through ranked play, players will earn various rewards such as account-bound reward cards, player buffs in the form of skills and equipment, cosmetic items, and GLX tokens which are the governance token for Genesis League Sports Ecosystem.

High-Level Features:

  • Two-player dueling card strategy game.

  • Player team building and team management based on the MLSPA roster of players.

  • Simultaneous, single-tap actions over multiple turns as both players try to advance the ball down the field to win.

  • Player cards have upgradeability through slots that allow players to add buffs to the card via new equipment or skills. This also adds to the variety and uniqueness of cards traded in the marketplace.

  • Coach cards provide additional buffs to matches.

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