Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Rewards are any type of digital item or resource with value within the game. Rewards can be account bound or sellable and the magnitude of value is scaled based on the challenge being rewarded. The greater the challenge, the greater the rewards. Rewards are given to the users for:

  • Winning a match.

  • Fulfilling other reward conditions.

Reward Item Types

There is a diverse set of rewards proposed that players can receive for their effort and time.

The primary reward is GLX and XP, but additional rewards will be offered depending on the challenge.

While some reward items can be purchased, some items can only be obtained directly in the reward drops. Below are some of the proposed rewards (subject to change):

  • GLX: GLX is the capped token of the GLS ecosystem. It is rewarded only for high-ranking matches and competitions.

  • Buffs (components):

    • Skills.

    • Equipment.

  • Cosmetics: Cosmetic items are only visual components with no in-game function or value. Cosmetics come in four different tiers.

  • Drinks: Drinks provide different types of boosts in the game.

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