Player Card

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Player cards will be the foundation of this game. A curated list of players in the MLSPA roster will have their own card in-game that can gain experience and be leveled over time by combining similar cards.

Player cards consist of two sides, one side serving as graphical artwork representing the MLSPA player with critical gameplay information listed on it and the other depicting a set of gameplay attributes directly tied to the game.

Front of Card

The front of the card is the vanity side, which shows off the main graphic for a player as well as key gameplay information:

  • Player Name: The name of the player depicted is on the card.

  • Star Level: The card can display up to 10 stars reflecting the number of cards the user has combined.

  • Cosmetic Image and Effects: The vanity side shows off an image of the player's face and torso.

  • Basic Player Stats: Basic player stats such as passing, shooting, dribbling, intercepting, tackling and blocking.

Back of Card

The back of the card includes the following additional game-related attributes:

  • Skill Slots: There are a total of 3 skill slots. Skills may be active or passive, have a set number of times of use and are consumable. Skills slots are unlocked at intervals of card combination levels.

  • Equipment Slots: Reflect the slots allocated for equipment and the equipment associated with them. Player cards have three (3) equipment slots.

  • Dynamic Stat Indicators: These three bars indicate the status of stamina, morale, and health.

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