Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

While there will be many ways to engage in this game, such as collecting, renting, ranked matches, leagues, and tournaments, the core game will follow the model below.

Match Mechanics

  • Users will enter the tournament series or ranked play with teams consisting of a coach and up to 30 players.

  • Teams consist of exactly 7 starters, up to 5 substitutes who can substitute players on the pitch during the match, and up to 10 reserve players that can be swapped in between the matches.

  • Player cards will come regular and gold foil. Each player card has stats that set the floor for a player's initial starting values. These attributes are derived from IRL player stats.

  • Coach cards, in addition to the player cards, will be needed for each team to play. Coach cards will specialize in various in-game boosts.

  • Player cards offer the user the ability to upgrade via attached skills. Unique passive and active skills can be slotted into the player cards. This upgrade path ensures exponential variety and the power to create unique cards that enhance their value in the marketplace.

  • During each turn, the user will receive a hand of up to five players and they can choose how the players closest to the ball will behave. After a user completes their action, play will commence. Players will work to outwit their opponent as they try to defend, attack, and score the winning goal against the other side.

Post-Match Activities

After each match, players will tend to their players, refresh their active team roster, buy card packs or players from the market., and upgrade their player cards by combining and improving them with new skills and equipment

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