Boost (Consumables)

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

The game supports two types of boosters: one for pack openings, and the other is used during gameplay.

Pack Boosters

Pack boosters improve the chance of certain pulls from the packs.

  • A Gold Booster: This is called a Scout Pass in GLG and increases the possibility of pulling a gold foil card.

Player Boosters

Player boosters can be used during matches to improve the condition of the players. (Please note that player boosters can only be applied before the match)

  • Energy drink: Increases player’s Stamina.

  • Health drink: Increases player’s Health.

  • Morale drink: Increases player’s Morale.

  • Speed drink: Increases player’s chance to be in the hand.

Other types of boosters will be explored for future releases.

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