Player Buffs

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.
Buffs are NFT blockchain-based components that can be added to player and coach cards.
  • Buffs provide passive or active modifiers that improve the main card’s stats.
  • Buffs cannot be used directly in the match and must be added to the player card before they become active.
  • All buffs can be attached to the player cards and detached later to be used on other cards or sold in the marketplace.

Buff Types

The following are the types of buffs offered in the game as cards and have specific activation constraints:


Equipment is passive, durable, and can be equipped or removed from the card. If equipment is removed, it is not lost; it will return to the user inventory as a card.
  • All equipment operates similarly to passive skills.


Skills come in both active and passive varieties and can also come as consumable or durable. Skills are employed by users inserting the skill into the appropriate slot on the card.
  • Combining cards can upgrade the number of passive and active skill slots.
  • A single-player card can be upgraded over time, increasing the number of slots.
  • Active skill slots are buttons on the card that the user can press to activate the skill during a turn.
  • When a skill is equipped, it is automatically locked from being sold independently.
  • Passive skills are automatically accounted for in actions without the player actively making a choice.
  • Active skills require the user to activate the buff to make it affect the turn.

Buff Distribution

Buffs can be acquired as rewards for winning matches and buying them on the marketplace or in the in-game shop with GLUSD.
The following are methods for obtaining buffs.
  • Match rewards.
  • League rewards.
  • Special game modes.
  • Sales bundles.
  • Marketplace offerings.

Skill Staking

When a user wishes to unequip a skill or piece of equipment on a player card:
  • Users pay a fee in GLUSD to unequip.
  • The game returns the skill to the user's inventory.