Synergy System

Note: Concepts contained in this whitepaper are subject to change.

Synergy is a system that incentivizes deck building due to potential buffs that can be earned for having cards with the same synergy dimensions.

Synergy Dimensions

Synergy is calculated using three static attributes and a dynamic dimension called “team”. The currently proposed synergy dimensions are:

  • Gold Foil - Gold foil cards on the same team (visual identity on card faces) gain synergy, providing extra buffs for the team.

  • Edition - Cards of the same edition gain a synergy buff.

  • Team (dynamic synergy dimension) - The team increases synergy for cards when they remain together and are played within the same user deck.

Gold Foil Cards Synergy

Gold foil has special functions similar to a wild card and offers unique bonus factors to the other foils:

  • Gold foil cards have synergy with any other foil card.

  • When more than one gold foil card is paired, it gives an additional bonus greater than other foil synergy pairings.

Team Synergy

The team synergy offers increases in buff over time as players use their decks in matches. The more matches the cards are played together in, the higher the team synergy.

Teams are a group of player and coach cards used in a Match. Each team is comprised of:

  • 7 players starting the game

  • up to 5 Substitute players

  • Up to 10 Supplemental players

  • A coach

Perfect Deck Buff Synergy

When a player’s deck is comprised of cards of complete synergy, they receive an extra buff in Matches.

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